SIC vision is that a network of specialised partners is best equipped to meet the demands and needs of the educational sector in Africa.

We translate these demands and needs into concrete projects and activities and match these with local and international expertise and capacity. Thereby offering the possibility of a meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme to the private sector, generating assignments for the local Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises and specialised solutions for the NGO sector.

Development partners

Our development partners contribute to the development of new educational solutions. As a development partner you provide capacity, knowledge or products.

Inspired to contribute to our mission and concrete projects?

MTN Nigeria

MTN Nigeria supports the SIC with concrete expertise through its network of specialised experts.

Civic Foundation for Innovation

Civic Foundation supports SIC with capacity, digital tools and STEAM content.

The Federal Government of Nigeria

The Federal Government of Nigeria supports SIC by providing logistics and collaboration among stake holders through out the SIC process.

Bank of Industry

The Bank of Industry supports SIC with capacity and knowledge.

How can you contribute?

Inspired to contribute to our mission and concrete projects?

There are different options to contribute!

Knowledge & Capacity

Offering the best possible educational solutions to schools highly depends on the support of our international partner network. By bringing together knowledge and capacity we are able to develop and implement viable solutions.

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Service partners

Our service partners are responsible for the actual implementations of new projects on the ground, training and maintenance & support. Each service partner is trained by SIC and has access to our proven education solutions.

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